10 Years of Experience in Producing Potato Chips

10 years is enough time to Gather every kind of experience in field of producing potato chips. During this time we found useful information about taste of different people, also consumption pattern of people in different countries.

Customer Satisfaction

During these years quality and then customer satisfaction was the most important Item for us. Quality always comes first.

Risk Management

During these years we tried to decide in the best way and Manage the risk of business in every aspect.

Market Research

During these years we were doing Market research all the time. we gathered feedback from the market and search about new markets.


searching and taking information about our competitors is always a very important part of our business.

Why Choose Us

Variety of Flavors

We are able to produce various Flavors and also special flavors by our customer’s order.

High Quality based on latest technology

Our production line is designed based on latest technology of Italia to produce high quality products.

High Capacity Of Production

Our Production Lines have the Capacity of producing huge amount of Potato Chips that give the chance to enter new markets

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